TEXT only bullet hell made for TEXT jam.

Everything you see in this game is made from text only!

- [WASD / Arrow Keys]: Move player.

- Your hero will automatically shoot to the nearest enemy. 
- Shooting depletes your ammos [A] (bottom-right side of the screen).
- If you run out of ammos, you will reload until 100 ammos.
- You will automatically reload betweenwaves.
- Getting hit depletes your health [H] (bottom-left side of the screen).
- You can pick up health packs [H] and ammo packs [A] dropped by enemies to restore them.

- You can have a maximum of 3 weapons at the same time.
- You will fire every weapon you own at the same time.
- At the bottom-center of the screen you can see wich weapons you own.
- Red weapon means "active slot" and it is the weapon you will replace if you pick
up a new weapon.
- Every weapon depletes ammos at different rate.
- Match the weapons you like to personalize your hero.

- Every enemy has a special trait and different speed/health.
- Enemies drop health packs [H] and ammo packs [A] at different rates.
- Be careful not to be swarmed.

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Tagsascii, Bullet Hell, Text based


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Fun and challenging, Well done!

i like this game ~
is really fun