Oh noes! Not-so-scary aliens are attacking our planet!

You must stop them, once for all! While idling, obviously!

Invaded:Idle is an idle game with a goal: stop an alien invasion by upgrading your defenses and going through the skies to make it personal.

Some features are:

  • 3 phases with different resources to gather
  • idle gameplay without active play requirements
  • colorful pixel art
  • pretty short duration (a few hours)
  • auto-save
  • progress at game closed
  • easy game flow

Show them who's the boss!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Aliens, html, Idle, Incremental, mobile, Pixel Art, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


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what does upgrading the main blue shooter actually DO?

It gives back a lot of coins at higher levels! But it is manual so just upgrade it if you want to max all out :)

oh, cool thanks!

Dang i lost all my progress because i had to restart my computer, is it possible that there is a way to export or import? 

If not you can ignore this

Sorry to hear that! The progress is saved on the browser DB so you should be able to start from where you left, if not I suppose the browser cache got deleted somehow. There is not way to import/export saves right now, sorry!



Just wanted to say the simplicity of this game masks how fun it really is. It isn't simple and actually is reeaaalllyy fun. So if you read this, give it a chance it's worth it.


Very happy that you liked it!

As I said the other day, a game doesn't have to be super detailed and complicated to be good. These days everyone focuses on the big triple A games but I remind you all that Scott Cawthon the creator of fnaf started as an indie dev, Fnaf 1 was literally an indie game on newgrounds.

fnaf was never on newgrounds. who told you that fnaf was ever on newgrounds

*stop  *skies