This is a prototype project for a new kind of game I would like to make.

This is a text-based RPG with offline/online elements.

You are one of the last heroes on our planet, and must advance in increasingly perilious zones in order to reach "the Devourer" that threatens to eat our entire world and destroy him forever.

While advancing, you will get better loot, gain experience, craft new equipment and enchant what you already have in order to defeat every zone boss and continue to the next.

The gameplay is pretty basic right now, I am focusing on putting the right core mechanics there, but I would like to add more in the future.

The game is designed to be run on tablet/mobile but can be played on desktop too.

  • Features
    - idle/clicker gameplay (gain exp, gold, resources while closed)
    - fight enemy and bosses to get through all the zones
    - craft new items and enchant what you have
    - drop loot boxes from defeated enemy
    - multiplayer interaction: see what other are doing and chat if you want
    - local progress save
  • What I would like to add in the future:
    - new skills
    - new resources and currencies
    - a gathering tab, where you can put all your "offline efforts" in different resources
    - a reagents with quality system
    - new zones
    - an "infinite" zone where you can progress without limits
    - player battles
    - multiplayer coop battles
  • Alpha features:
    - 100% lootboxes drop for every fight (will be 100% only on bosses on release)

Comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome! Please do :)

Please note: the game is in development: it may change at any time and progress may be resetted if needed

Development log


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i'm totally hooked, i love the whole concept. i like the lootboxes, the scaling of the mobs, the loot and being powerfull. awesome work on the game i can't wait to see more!


Thanks for the kind words! I currently working on a new update of this game,  planning to add more content as well as bringing back the multiplayer interactions!