SwitchBeats is a multi-route Rhythm game, where you play notes falling from the top and switch between 3 boards of notes.

This was made for the RHYTHM JAM 2021.
The theme is: EVERY _____. I chose EVERY ROUTE! Meaning that, unlike a traditional rhythm game where you always play on the same route, you have to switch between 3 different routes by pressing a key and still going on with the same keys for the notes. This is different from, for example, DDR where the same note on different routes are played with different keys.

Put your headphones on!


Arrow Keys: play notes
Z / X: switch board (follow the arrows)

- Press Arrow Up, Right or Left when the falling arrows are on the red line at the bottom of the screen. This will play the notes.
- Press X or Z when the yellow/red arrows going left or right are on the red line at the bottom of the screen. This will change the route depending of the direction (Z goes left, X goes right). You can press those buttons freely but will end your combo if you do it without following the indications.

Developer, Art

Of Far Different Nature - Cruiser (CC-BY)
Geovane Bruno - Friend

Put your score in the comments below, along with your comments or suggestions!

StatusIn development
Made withPhaser
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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This one is REALLY hard! I will keep trying and trying, but so far I havent finished the song once because of frustration resets.

Yeah I agree it's hard, maybe a bit too much when there are fast switches back and forth. I would like to keep the challenge tho, maybe with a select before starting (easy/hard)