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TiMoGen (TIny MOnsters GENerator) is a software that lets you automatically create tiny sprites with different colors and shapes.

Monsters are created with a mix of random and procedural functions and are different every time you generate them.

There are different parameters you can set to customize the results of the generation.

You can then export a single ZIP with all the sprites as single files or a spritesheet with every sprites in a single .PNG file.

It currently works in Windows only.

Please note: animations are just a preview of what you can do with the sprites. The software does not export animation frames.

UPDATE 2020-10-22:
Released version 1.1.0:
- Added SYMMETRY (body properties) and SHADOW INTENSITY (skin properties) parameters. 

StatusIn development
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Tags2D, Generator, Monsters, Pixel Art, Sprites


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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TiMoGen v1.0.0 73 MB
TiMoGen v1.1.0 73 MB

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Hi there! What is the licensing like on the sprites themselves (not the code). Can they be used in non-commercial game projects? And if so, is credit required?

Hi! You can use them in commercial or non commercial projects, attribution is not required.

Thank you :)

Do you have a github? I would be interested in messing around with the code

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Well then. I was going to purchase this on the discount, but it seems I’m a couple hours late. Would you be able to give me a deal? I’ll buy it at $2 :)

I am setting the price at $1 for the time being :)

I donated an extra dollar then! I’ll give more in the future as I use it. I really appreciate it! Nifty piece of software

Very nice tool.

My only real complaint is that the Resolution X,Y boxes can only be changed 1 at a time with the -/+ buttons, it's a strange contrast to the input boxes for scale.

Otherwise I'm just upset I didn't think of something like this first (but glad the work's already been done 😛).

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Thank you! 
You are right about the res inputs, at first I thought that higher resolutions would give bad results so I made it that way to prevent going at very high numbers, but then I had a lot of good outputs and I now think it is better the give the user freedom of choice. So I will remove the limitation and make them free inputs like the others on the next version. Thank you for pointing this out!