... and you are going to teach some monsters that music can kill!

Made for the GENRE MASH JAM 2021.

DISCLAIMER: this game is hard.

JAM RULE: make a game that mashes 2 different genres. I choose RHYTHM GAME and BULLET HELL!

Theme: REUSABLE. I made one reusable ability, that recharges slower and slower the more you use it!


WASD/Arrow keys: move the GLORIOUS WIZARD PIANIST around
J-K-L-B-N-M (pick one or all, as you like it): play notes when they touch the red flaming line

SPACE BAR: use the SPECIAL ABILITY. It clears all the projectiles, but it charges slower the more you use it, so be careful.


Defeat all the monsters, dodge all the bullets, stay alive until your epic performance ends. Show must go on!


Dodge enemy bullets and play your glorious notes.
Playing a correct note creates a fireball that goes toward the nearest enemy, erasing it from the existence once and for all.
Missing a note or taking a hit reduces your health (HP bar). Tip: a dead pianist can not play.
Use your special ability when it's full to clear all the projectiles on screen. Tip: a dead pianist can not use a special ability.


DISCLAIMER: this game is hard.

Everytime I see "rhythm bullet hell" I know that the game is never going to really be a rhythm bullet hell, but instead just a coreographed bullet hell, where projectiles spawn following the music, and there is nothing rhythm-game-like involved. Well, I wanted to make a true rhythm bullet hell, where you play notes and dodge bullets, so here we are!


Sprites are from OpenGameArt under CC0 License. 
Music & coding are made by myself.
Sound effects from jfxr.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, leaderboard, online-leaderboard, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hehe, I'm bad at this game, but I like it nontheless.

I did notice some "ghost damage" (playing while there's no note deals damage, and letting a note hit you deals damage, so missing a note deals double damage). Personally, I'd let the player spam the keys, maybe just breaking the combo (Guitar Hero and OSU! do this fine). It was pretty fun to slowly learn the music, although switching focus from top to bottom of the screen is still difficult for me...

Music is lit, fam. Love how it gets more difficult, as if the wizard is pulling a "last stand" riff. Ii know this is a jam game, but I'd love to see this concept polished and expanded (I may even explore this myself).
(I got 93% while writing this!!!)


Hi, thanks for your comment!

I have to admit that I spent a good chunk of time thinking about how to deal damage to the player, in particular to deal damage when spamming keys. At first, I did not add a scoring system, the goal was just to clear the stage, so I wanted to prevent spamming keys as a way to clear the stage effortlessy.

But then I added the score, and I could not decide what to do with that mechanic. At the end, I decided to leave it there because I thought that it takes away half the difficulty, eliminating the need to follow the notes. But I should think about it some more.

Congrats for your 93%! Means you are not bad at all at the game! :)